Civil Construction & Renovation

– Structure Work/Architecture

Our believe on structure work either we build a house, an office building, a workshop or even hotel, it has to have 3 main points:

  1. Durability – a building should stand up robustly and remain in good condition.
  2. Utility – it should be suitable for the purposes for which it is used.
  3. Beauty – it should be aesthetically pleasing.

– Drop Ceiling and Gypsum Partition

False ceilings are often known as drop ceilings as they are literally dropped or hung from the main ceiling. The drop ceiling or false ceiling is more trendy these days. You can often see the different false ceiling types in your homes, offices, shopping complexes, restaurants, theaters, etc. These are generally the second ceiling hanged below the main structural ceiling

There are variety of false ceiling types which are used for home interior. However, few of them based on material used are explained below:

  • Plaster of Paris (POP) False Ceilings
  • Wooden False Ceilings or Plywood Plywood False Ceilings
  • Gypsum False Ceilings
  • Metal Ceiling Tiles
  • PVC Ceiling
  • Fabric or Cloth False Ceiling
  • Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tiles
  • Glass False Ceiling

– Flooring : Ceramic, Vinyl, Laminate Flooring, Epoxy Coating, and Decking

a beautiful floor has just as much to do with proper execution and installation as it does with the actual product
If you want to achieve your vision—without making compromises or redesigning because you’ve been told it can’t be done—you need to do careful planning on the front end

– Electrical, Mechanical, and Piping Work

While electronic power sector assumes the role of exploitation and use of power according to the specific purpose, mechanical and electrical sectors specialize in design, construction, and consultation of M&E syste for buildings, airport, houses, complexes…Typically, each project will be divided into two main parts : Civil job for 60% and M&E for 40%
So we always ensure that we hired the best electrical engineering to handle your project with certification, experience and skill that able to handle and ensure the safetly, function and finished outlook of M&E part

– Painting Interior and Exterior

Painting interior walls is an inexpensive way to dramatically change the look and feel of your home with color
Painting the entire interior of a house can transform it from mundane to inspiring! It can also raise property value and help a home sell more quickly. Painting requires serious planning, but the finishing result is worth it!

– Landscaping

Landscaping can really turn some spaces From receptions to containerized office plants to lavish atrium planting displays, Ambius indoor plant services give you a positive, welcoming environment that offers a lasting impression. And for outdoor it will complete the look of the house so you wont feel contained with bricked wall .

With live foliage and greenery, we brighten dark building corners, bring color and life to empty walls, and provide your family or employee with new sights, and fresh smells.

– Door : Wooden Door, Aluminium Door, Railing

Mahajaya Interior offers a variety of custom made Door, windows, handrail including aluminum & stainless steel handrail systems that can match concept of your house and even enhance the security of the house along with it.

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